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10 Minute Natural and Organic Homemade Sunscreen - Simple and Easy

10 Minute Natural and Organic Homemade Sunscreen - Simple and Easy

10 Minute Natural Sunscreen Recipe

Did you know that many of the items you have in your home have natural SPF? Both coconut oil and shea butter have a natural SPF of 4-5 and combined with a non-nano zinc oxide make for a simple and natural homemade sunscreen that you can trust. This sunscreen has an estimated SPF of 15, but you can always add more zinc oxide to increase the SPF.


  • 4 oz. organic extra virgin olive oil (1/2 cup)
  • 2 oz. organic coconut oil (1/4 cup)
  • 1 oz. organic beeswax (1/4 cup)
  • 1 oz organic Shea Butter (about 2 tablespoons)
  • 0.7 oz Non-Nano Zinc Oxide (about 2 tablespoons)
  • Optional: Organic Essential Oil to suit your taste, maybe 3-6 drops
  • Pyrex dish, BPA free plastic container with lid, or recycled balm tins
    1. In a double boiler, combine all ingredients except the zinc oxide and the essential oil
    2. Warm under a low heat, and stir occasionally to incorporate the wax and oils
    3. When all ingredients are completely melted, add the zinc oxide and essential oil, stir well and pour into your choice of mason jar, pyrex container, or tin you will use for storage. We recommend using recycled 2 oz. balm tins as they are easier to throw in a beach bag.
    4. Stir a few times as it cools to make sure zinc oxide is incorporated
    5. Use as you would regular sunscreen but make sure to reapply after you are in the water as this is not a waterproof recipe

      Storage and other recommendations:

      • To prolong the shelf-life of your sunscreen I would recommend keeping it in a cool place when not in use. You could keep it in your refrigerator, but a cool pantry shelf works fine.
      • Make sure the container you hold it in seals tightly for those hot days when the heat from the sun will soften the mixture to avoid any leakages in a beach bag.
      • Play with the amount of zinc oxide you use, if you are looking for a stronger sunscreen you could double (actually 2.5x) the amount of zinc oxide in this recipe to make stronger sunscreen....better safe than sorry. But, please know that simply doubling the amount of zinc oxide will not give you a estimated 30 SPF, but cater the amount to your needs.

        NOTE: This is a natural recipe and has not been tested by a regulatory organization and is for personal use only. We can’t make any claims on the combined SPF it and should be used for moderate sun exposure only. As always, check with your doctor or dermatologist before using any new products.


        Using a double boiler helps melt the oils and butters while preventing overheating the oils. At medium heat this only takes a few minutes to melt.

        Organic Oils and Butters


        Once the oils and butters and melted mix in the Non-nano Zinc Oxide and stir well until the zinc if fully incorporated.

        Organic Oils and Butters with Zinc Oxide


        Pour the mixture into recycled balm tins or pyrex dishes. Remember to stir a few times while the sunscreen settles to ensure the zinc oxide is evenly dispursed throughout the mix while it sets. 

        Hand-mixed zinc oxide sunscreen


        We filled both balm tins for the beach and a larger pyrex dish to have around the house.

        Home made sunscreen in recycled balm tins and pyrex dish


        And that is it! In a few minutes you have just made your own zinc oxide sunscreen with no chemicals so it is safe for you and your family.

        Done! Home-made organic zinc oxide sunscreen

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