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Can We Forgive?

Can We Forgive?

As a family we have evolved to live the most organic day possible every day. To us that means that what we feed our body, mind and spirit arises from what is in harmony with the planet and the universe. We do this while living in the same society as everyone else and we see the suffering in the world around us. We may be a business, but we are not separate from the society we live in. 

And we wonder how can anyone live in harmony if as a society we continue to cling to pain and anger? Imagine a world where Michael Brown's parents openly forgave and embraced Darren Wilson - and where Darren Wilson accepted their forgiveness and was deeply sorrowful for shooting their son - and acknowledged the fear and anger that lead to his actions - regardless of Michael's actions prior to the shooting - and that Michael's parents were sorrowful for what their son had done. Imagine if we all let go of our conflicts in this way.

This is a world of God's love. A world where we walk in the footsteps of Jesus and love our enemies and our neighbors. I know that a lot of people get nervous when they see people talking about Jesus. They bristle at the self-righteousness that can come along with the mention of that name. But in our experience to hear the name is to be instructed about loving. Anything that contradicts that is just missing the mark.

My family has learned about loving and forgiveness through Jesus but we know there are other paths to the truth as well. Truths which may be echoing in your heart too. We see truth as a world that transcends the society we are part of and the society that conditions us to hate each other. We imagine this world every day. And although we stumble we believe in grace and forgiveness and each day we seek to make amends and start a new.

What if we all resisted the media and political attempts to divide us and we saw each other as One? Whether we realize it or not, we are each like the cells in a human body. We make up this interconnected and interdependent organism we call Earth. We are One and we have the opportunity to Love.

Isn't that the great point of it all anyway? The great meaning of life? To Love.

~The Makes 3 Organics® Team

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