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The Biggest Reason to Go Organic - Our Health


Did you know[1]:

  • 1 in 13 kids has food allergies?
  • 1 in 10 kids has asthma?
  • 1 in 68 kids has autism?

Which means:

  • 1 in 3 kids has allergies, asthma or autism

Did you also know:

  • Cancer is the leading cause of death among American children?

Cancers, autism, behavioral disorders, kidney diseases, asthma, diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimers are being experienced at increased rates in our population.  I believe this is linked to the increase and proliferation of the use of toxic chemicals in our food, personal care, household cleaners and the presence of these chemicals in our environment.  Are you willing to continue to watch the incidences of these debilitating health effects grow out of our modern methods of crop production and our personal care and household care products?  I am not.

Because science cannot yet measure the cumulative effect of the Chemical Body Burden on our health or particularly pinpoint the particular chemical sequencing that triggers the cancer or the expression of asthma, should we deny the problem at all?

Just because much of the science that is showing the harmful effects of consuming GMO food is being accepted by other countries[2], should we deny that the science is real in the United States where currently GMO crops are not banned, nor is the use of GMO chemicals regulated.  Should we continue to accept the agricultural ethic that the only way to produce food is to spray millions and millions of pounds of herbicides, insecticides and pesticides on the crop and the land?

Let's stop being too busy to demand better for ourselves  Let's kick our addiction to convenience and go out of our way for Organic foods and non-toxic personal care and household products.  It seems we have become too cynical about government to accept the need for regulation and are we too trusting of the corporations that provide our jobs.

I think we need to make the economic choices in our households to reduce the amount of meat and processed foods that we eat and get back to a diet based in nature.  We need to accept the notion that the production costs in conventional food, personal care and household care products are artificially deflated because cheap GMO ingredients or petroleum by-products are being substituted for the healthy and valuable elements being removed and monetized in other products and then do something about this.

Let’s wake up to the realization that the real cost of eating, cleaning our bodies and our homes is reflected in the cost of organic and environmentally friendly products.

I believe that in the long run greater health will mean lower medical bills and a lower overall cost of living even when adding the expense of organic products to our household budget.  I believe that back to basics is healthier and in harmony with the way human beings are meant to live our lives and that with consumer pressure on the market, organic can be for everyone.



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