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Carbon Neutral Beauty: What Does It Mean And Why Is It So Important?

Carbon Neutral Beauty: What Does It Mean And Why Is It So Important?

Guest Blogger: Katie Pierce

Carbon Neutral Beauty: What Does It Mean And Why Is It So Important?

The beauty industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world, and it continues to grow every year. Consumers are always looking for new products to help their skin look better and more youthful. 

However, as more products are on the market, consumers are becoming more aware of these products' environmental impact. Many people are now choosing products that are eco-friendly or carbon neutral.



What Is Carbon Neutrality?

Carbon neutrality is having a balance between emitting carbon and absorbing carbon. It helps mitigate climate change by reducing the effects of greenhouse gases. Companies and individuals try to achieve a state of net zero. Net zero is when you cut greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible. 

There are many ways to try and achieve net zero. For instance, some companies use carbon accounting to track how much they have emitted so far, then work out what steps need to be taken to reduce this amount. Other companies may offset their emissions by planting trees or investing in renewable energy. Some companies have even created their own internal carbon-neutral programs.

Carbon Neutrality and the Beauty Industry

When we talk about the beauty industry, we're talking about everything from skincare, hair care, makeup, fragrance, and anything else that falls into this category. The beauty industry has become one of the largest industries in the world, with an estimated value of USD 277.67 billion in 2020.

Since it's such a large industry, the beauty industry is one of the biggest contributors to CO2 emissions. This industry requires so much manufacturing, packaging, and transportation for their products. This results in high levels of waste production and greenhouse gas emissions at each production stage.

Take for example all the beauty products that end up in our landfills after we've used them. There are plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper boxes, and other materials that are thrown away once they've been used. Instead of ending up in a landfill, these items could be reused or recycled.

However, only a small percentage of cosmetic product manufacturers offer recyclable products. Most of the time, these products don't get recycled, contributing to waste and other environmental problems.

Why Is This Happening?

Now, you may wonder about the sudden increase in awareness around carbon neutrality. Well, there are several reasons behind this. One of the main contributing factors is the consumers' growing concern over the environment. People want to know where their products come from, what goes into making them, and whether or not they can make a difference.

Another reason is the increasing consumer demand for natural and organic products. Companies are responding to these demands by producing more environmentally friendly products. As a result, the beauty industry is taking action to reduce its negative impacts on the planet.

How You Can Participate in Carbon Neutrality Beauty

As a consumer, you should look at your lifestyle choices and identify areas of improvement. Beauty enthusiasts will often buy multiple products throughout the year. While this may seem like a harmless habit, it does add up. However, participating in carbon neutrality beauty is a great start towards helping the environment.

Here are some ways that you can participate in carbon neutrality:

  • Avoid buying too many products at a time: It's better to buy a few quality products rather than purchasing many low-quality ones. That way, you'll have fewer things to throw out when you eventually need to do so.

  • Research your products before buying them:  Before buying your products, research what they contain and how they're made. Their website will usually tell you all about their ingredients and manufacturing processes. This will help you make informed decisions about which eco-friendly products are best for you.

  • Support companies that are actively working towards reducing their environmental impact: Several companies are dedicated to creating safe and effective products while also being kinder to the environment.

The Future of Carbon Neutrality Beauty

Carbon-neutral beauty is still a relatively new concept. However, the demand for carbon-neutral beauty products shows that it's becoming increasingly popular among consumers. As more consumers are aware of the environmental issues surrounding beauty products, they're looking for brands committed to using only eco-friendly materials and practices.

The beauty industry still has a long way to go regarding carbon neutrality. Researchers still need to develop frameworks that accurately measure the environmental impact of different products. This will allow them to create standards that will be used across all industries.

However, with the growing popularity of carbon-neutral beauty, we're starting to see the first signs of change. We've seen an increase in companies committed to using eco-friendly methods to manufacture their products. And, we're seeing more and more companies that are making efforts to reduce their environmental footprint.


Beauty enthusiasts who want to make a difference in the world should consider participating in carbon neutrality. Our planet needs our help now more than ever before. By choosing carbon-neutral products, we can contribute to the fight against climate change.

Thank you, Katie Pierce, from Kristine Sperling and the Makes 3 Organics Wellness Team!

Katie Pierce is a teacher-slash-writer who loves telling stories to an audience, whether it’s bored adults in front of a computer screen or a bunch of hyperactive 4-year-olds. Writing keeps her sane (most of the time) and allows her to enjoy some quiet time in the evening before she walks into a room of screaming kids (all of whom she loves dearly) the next morning.

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