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Create your Laundry Soap- Easily!

Create your Laundry Soap- Easily!

In today’s world, companies are constantly “green washing” their labels. They do this through the use of colors, images, and they even use eye catching words and phrase such as “Natural”, “Naturally Made”, “Eco-friendly” and many others. The reality is that these labels don’t mean diddly.  If you are looking for a product that is actually derived from real natural ingredients, you have to find trustworthy companies, or better yet, you can start making products at home yourself! Laundry Detergent companies are some of the worse culprits of showcasing products that seem harmless, but when you actually read the label and look up the ingredients you are met with with a list of harmful chemicals. Especially with conventional Laundry Detergent, the compounds added can become not only environmental hazards, they can also cause many subtle health issues that you may think are normal. As you breathe in the residues left on your clothes from a previous wash, your body is disrupted. The toxins, chemicals and synthetics can lead to sore throats, mental health issues, drowsiness, headaches, irritated lungs, vertigo, nose irritation, and more.


Here is Our Top List of Ingredients to Always Avoid:

1,4-Dioxane (a probable human carcinogen)

Artificial Fragrances




Ethyl Acetate


Ethylenediaminetetra- Acetic Acid

Linear Alkyl

Nonylphenol Ethoxylate

Petroleum Distillates



Here at Makes 3 Organics, we believe that everyone should have access to an organic lifestyle! So we've created a solution for you! You can make this laundry soap at home, easily and affordably. 


Make your own Laundry Soap! 


1 cup of Makes 3 Organics Liquid Soap (Castile base)

¾ cups Baking Soda

2 ¼ Warm Distilled Water

¼ cup Fine Grain Salt (preferably sea salt)

5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil (or your choice)



Blend all ingredients really well! Place in a gallon container. 

Directions for use:

Shake storage container really well before use. The mixture tends to separate.  Add ¼ cup per load! This should last you about 64 loads.



If you aren’t interested in making your own Laundry Soap you can always check the level of toxicity of detergents on the EWG’s website. They also you some of the better alternative choices.

Next week will be sharing more great uses for our Organic Castile Soap! Stay tuned! 

Leave us a comment if you'd like to see more DIY's like this! 


Take care friends!

~Nikki Spahn

Creative Director - Makes 3 Organics

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