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Extending Dry January?

Extending Dry January?

Extending Dry January?

Hey, are you practicing Dry January this year?

Dry January, also known as "Sobriety January" or "Dry January Challenge," is a global movement that encourages people to abstain from consuming any form of alcohol for the entire month of January. The campaign, which started in the United Kingdom in 2013, has since gained popularity around the world, with people from different countries participating in the challenge each year.

The purpose of Dry January is to provide people with an opportunity to take a break from alcohol and to focus on their physical and mental health. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the potential negative effects of alcohol on our bodies and to encourage people to adopt healthier habits.

Why Do It?

One of the main benefits of participating in Dry January is that it can help people to reset their relationship with alcohol. Many people may not realize how much they drink on a regular basis and may not be aware of the impact it has on their health. By abstaining from alcohol for a month, people can better understand their drinking habits and may choose to make healthier choices in the long term.

Health Benefits

In addition to helping people to develop healthier habits, Dry January has a number of other potential health benefits. These include:

Improved Sleep

Alcohol is a sedative and can disrupt sleep patterns, leading to poor quality sleep. By eliminating alcohol from your diet, you may experience improved sleep quality and feel more rested and refreshed in the morning.

Weight Loss

Alcohol contains empty calories that can contribute to weight gain. By abstaining from alcohol, you may be able to lose weight and improve your overall health.

Improved Liver Health

The liver is responsible for breaking down and removing toxins from the body, including alcohol. By abstaining from alcohol, you can give your liver a chance to rest and repair itself, improving its overall health.

Increased Energy Levels

Alcohol can interfere with the body's natural energy production process, leading to fatigue and low energy levels. By eliminating alcohol from your diet, you may experience increased energy levels and better overall performance.

Improved Mental Health

Alcohol can have negative effects on mental health, including increasing the risk of depression and anxiety. By abstaining from alcohol, you may experience improved mood and overall mental health.

Social Benefits

Participating in Dry January can also have a number of social benefits. It can provide an opportunity to connect with others who are also participating in the challenge and to share your experiences and support each other. It can also help to reduce the social pressure to drink alcohol and may encourage people to engage in alternative activities that do not involve alcohol.

Overall, Dry January is a great opportunity for people to take a break from alcohol and focus on their physical and mental health. It can help to reset unhealthy drinking habits and encourage people to make healthier choices in the long term. If you are considering participating in Dry January, it's important to remember to stay hydrated and to seek support from friends and family if needed and if it goes well and you feel great, consider keeping it going!

Let us know if you are dry for January!


Kristine Sperling and the Makes 3 Organics Wellness Team

Kristine Sperling is a wellness enthusiast and co-founder of Makes 3 Organics, an organic brand dedicated to providing consumers organic alternatives to conventional personal care products. She lives in Santa Barbara, California, with her co-founder husband, Dan, their teenager, Alice, and their blue Shih Tzu, King.


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