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How To Give Back To Your Community As A Community Healthcare Worker

How To Give Back To Your Community As A Community Healthcare Worker

We have written before about the importance of being the change in your world. In this previous instance, the discussion revolved around issues of discrimination, and how counteracting it can involve changing how we see and do things. The same basic principle of “being the change,” however, can also apply positively to countless other challenges and aspects of life –– including working positively within a community.

Particularly today, community healthcare workers can do any number of things to contribute to community wellness, and help people overcome challenges like limited access to care, risky behaviors, inadequate fitness, and more. They can help families understand various health risks, assist with tracking health goals, and even organize workshops concerning physical activity in the elderly.

To some extent, those actions fall within the ordinary purview of a community healthcare worker’s position. Since the onset of the pandemic however, people in these roles have also seen their communities facing new challenges –– from disinformation, to decreasing access to care, to worsening chronic and mental health issues. If anything though, challenges like these have only given community healthcare workers more incentive to look for additional ways to assist and give back to their communities.

Below, we’ll look at a few ways you can do just that as a community healthcare worker.

Provide Telehealth Services

As we all recall, the pandemic turned going out into public into a health concern. Understandably, many people have responded to this concern by getting into the habit of delaying regular medical assessments, or avoiding appointments for fear of getting sick. And as a result, there is now considerable demand for the resolution of health issues through telehealth and the establishment of community virtual health centers. Healthcare workers in these communities can offer their knowledge and experience to a population in need by way of free apps and online programs –– providing much-needed service to those who have difficulties or concerns about accessing healthcare services.

Reach Out to Members of the Community

It is impossible to overstate the importance of community understanding and connection at a time like this, and these are areas in which community healthcare workers with the right experience can be immensely helpful. People who have a background in healthcare education have often spent some time studying social science as well, and are thus better prepared to understand the challenges faced by people from various backgrounds. A healthcare worker may, for example, be able to perceive the disadvantages with regard to access for some community members in comparison to others. As a result, they are able to reach out to members of the community as needed in order to address discrepancies and reduce inequity to whatever extent possible.

Volunteer for a Charity

When it comes to giving back to a community, there is ultimately no better way to do so than by joining a charity. These organizations usually have years of experience assessing the problems a particular community faces and addressing them in different ways. As a result, they understand better the needs of a community, and know exactly where a healthcare worker will be needed the most –– whether that may be in providing guidance to teenagers, giving company to the elderly, or anything in between.

Organize Live Workshops

The internet has made all sorts of health resources available to people: from information on how to prevent heart problems, to the importance of stretching and exercise for older adults. However, this doesn’t mean people who need this type of information always have easy access to it. The internet is also filled with misinformation, and even if people know where to find reliable sources, the content may be difficult to engage with –– locked behind a paywall perhaps, or else written in technical phrasing meant for medical professionals. By running live workshops though, healthcare workers can clarify information according to the needs or requests of the community. In short, this is a way of making important health-related information more accessible.

If you’re a healthcare worker, you’ve undoubtedly faced countless challenges throughout the pandemic. And yet, you’re also someone in a unique position to assist your struggling community. By applying knowledge and experience in the areas discussed above, you can give back to the community and positively impact the lives of others who are seeking brighter and healthier days ahead.

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