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Lip Safety 101

Lip Safety 101

Get Ready for Winter

That's right folks! As winter comes, we start thinking about our lip safety! And I'm not talking about kissing safety silly! We're talking about using safe products for your beautiful lips! We all want to keep our lips hydrated and un-chapped. Did you know that doing this naturally, with organic ingredients is super easy!! Really, if you're on a budget you could just rub coconut oil on your lips to nourish them! However, some of like a lip care products in a tube, or a tin, for easy accesses and portability reasons. Also, when you buy lip balms from a company they usually have fun flavors! However, you want to make sure those flavors are created with pure essential oils, not fragrance...

Sometimes we forget that our skin is our largest organ. And it is an organ that absorbs what we put on it. Using products that contain synthetics and fragrance on our skin and lips is the comparable to eating them.


 The Problems With Conventional Lip Balm:

They contain lots of icky things, that you probably don't wan ton your skin. While some of the research done on the topics below is in constant debate, better be safe than sorry right? The things below are ingredients you should avoid, not only in your lip balm products, but in all your body care products! 

Chemical SPF

Lip Balms containing an SPF may contain oxybenzone. Research has shown that this chemical is a hormone disruptor as well as being linked to being a cell disruptor that may lead to skin cancer.


This can actually block moisture from penetrating your lips. It is a water-repellant ingredient, so it is actually suffocating your pores by creating a barrier that doesn’t allow moisture in or out of your skin.

Mineral Oil

This ingredient can cause your skin to age prematurely. Mineral Oil is derived from petroleum and has many of the same issues associated with it. 

Fragrance and/or Flavors

When you see the word “Fragrance” or “Flavor” on a label it can be a cocktail of multiple different chemicals. These chemicals could have side effects as minimal as a potential skin irritant or as horrible as an inhibiting a long-term health risk. Such as causing Alzheimer's Disease, acting as a carcinogen, being a hormone disruptor and even more.  One common chemical that hides under the ingredient name of Fragrance is phthalates which is a hormone disruptor linked to pre-term births, birth defects, lowered sperm count in me, and reduced fertility is females.

Chemical Dyes

Avoid artificial colors such as red 6, yellow 10, Yellow 5, green 3, Blue 1, and more. FD&C colors are derived from coal tar and contain heavy metals. FD & C colors have been linked to being a carcinogenic and skin irritant. 


Another possible hormone disruptors parabens have also been thought to contribute to breast cancer. The tricky thing about spotting Paraben ingredients is that they don’t always say paraben in the name, such as “butylparaben” or “propylparaben” but can also be listed as Alkyl parahydroxy benzoates.

BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)

Another possible carcinogen this ingredient is also linked to development and reproductive toxicity.


Things to look for when buying Lip Balms:

We've put together a list of things to look for when purchasing Lip Balm. If the product is made up of these ingredients, and not the ones listed above, chances are it's a pretty great product! We've done tons of research on safe products for your body, if you'd like an easy solution you can check the EWG's list of products they deem safe! You'll see our Lip Balms on there!

Plant Based

Lip Balms that are derived from real ingredients that are harvested from nature. They contain ingredients like those listed below. These types of ingredients actually absorb into your skin unlike petroleum based products. You’ll notice once you start using plant based moisturizers on your skin and lips that your skin stays softer and hydrated longer. These ingredients will also heal your symptoms of chapped lips, rather than just cover them up.  

Coconut Oil and Shea

Both of these ingredients are loaded with antioxidants and anti-ageing qualities. They also have a natural SPF. This number varies because it is naturally derived and there are a lot of variables that go into it. But normally Shea is anywhere between a 3-4 and Coconut oil is between a 4-6 SPF.

Essential Oils

Besides the fact that many essential oils can have healing properties of their own, they also add a nice scent to your lip balm, and sometimes even a flavor. Essential oils can also be used as natural preservative instead of having to use parabens.


Those are the main ingredients that you should look for in your lip balm, other organic ingredients that won’t do you harm are Beeswax, Sunflower, Cocoa Butter, Vanilla, and Cocoa Powder! These ingredients actually also have the potential to have their own health benefits! If you’d like to check out some Organic Lip Balms, click the images below to shop!


Keep your Lips Safe this season!




The Makes 3 Organics Team®

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