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Three Stress Reducing Habits

Three Stress Reducing Habits
Reducing Stress Throughout the Year
Developing positive habits, or rituals, to incorporate into your everyday life can be very beneficial to your life. Little things, such as: waking up and smiling every morning, oil pulling, reading before bed, etc. Little things like this added to your weekly, or daily routine can bring immense happiness. 

The Inner-Self

Meditation is a known way for individuals to reduce stress. When situations arise and you feel your blood boil, or you want to hide away, just take 5 deep breaths to calm yourself. Starting your day with a little 10-minute meditation can set the tone for your entire day. Whether you use this meditation time to look inward, or to completely transcend away from your thought processes, it can really amplify the rest of your day. When you finish your meditation, set your intention for the day. Say out-loud a goal you'd like to accomplish, or a feeling you'd like to carry with you throughout the day.

If you are not sure where to start with meditation, You can start a couple different places. Youtube has videos that allow you to listen to a voice of a guide while you sit criss-cross. If you are more experienced and you are looking for a new practice, try this one out:

Start by laying on your back, limbs relaxed. 

Imagine a golden ball of light that engulfs your heart.

Focus on this ball of light, and allow it to grow. Imagine the ball slowly growing to your entire body, and after a few moments allow it to stretch out beyond your body. Be still here for a moment. Once ready, allow the glowing light to fill the entire space of the room you are within. If there are others in the room with you, imagine that their energy is also being touched by this light, and adding to the goodness of the ball of light. Next imagine the light to take up the entire building you are in, after, the entire city block (or an abundant amount of land surrounding you), next the entire city you are in, after that, the entire county. Keep imagining all the beings this light is touching and spread your love to them, and allow their love and goodness to be excepted into your light.

Follow these next steps slowly at your own pace, imagine the light is spreading to the entire state you live in, then the entire country, then the entire world. Remember to keep in mind all the creatures and people your light is encountering as it encompasses the world. Next spread your light as far as you can imagine, to the planets in our solar system, to the sun, to the milky way, to the entire universe! 

After your light as been put out into the universe as far as you can go, start to bring it back in slowly. Remember to keep all the positive energy you have encountered in the light, and also to leave some your love in all the areas you have envisioned.  Bring the light all the way back into your heart and just take note of how you may feel differently. Let yourself feel light as a feather, and take a few deep breaths before you open your eyes. 

A second great way to reduce stress is simply creating enjoyment out of the ordinary. Let's say you regularly drink tea, create that act of drinking tea into a special occasion, so that it is like giving yourself a treat every time you make a cup for yourself. Stock up on a variety of teas so that you have lots of choices to choose from. 

The Outward-Self

A third stress reducer is something you can physically do for yourself. Dry Brushing is a great way to exfoliate your skin and increase your circulation. This can be a great way to get your skin looking great for summer, and also keep your body temperature up a little as we finish these last weeks of winter. The benefits of dry brushing don’t stop there. If you’re looking to get ready to wear shorts this summer but usually shy away due to cellulite, dry brushing could be a solution. In addition, the act of dry brushing can reduce cellulite by removing toxins that may break down connective tissue. It can also relax those hard fat deposits below the skin, evening them out.  Some say it also benefits us internally: stimulate your lymphatic system, reduce stress, and improve digestion and kidney function!

 When you dry brush make sure you take long slow strokes towards your heart. To do your entire body it should take any where from 10-15 minutes. The best time to dry brush is right before a shower so that you can wash off all the dead skin cells. 



Here at Makes 3 Organics®, we know the outside of an individual will most likely always affect their inner self. If you feel good about your outer-self, your inner-self will reflect this. Also, on a more physical level, what you put on the outside of your body can affect the health of your body internally. We have many of customers that choose Makes 3 Organics® because our products are pure and free of any toxic ingredients, making it a healthy choice for the outside, and inside of your body!

In fact, see our Skin Detox Box to help with connecting your Inner Self shine with our Outer self.

~The Makes 3 Organics® Team

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