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Unique Ways to Use Your Balms

Unique Ways to Use Your Balms

 Hey folks,

Most people use balms in a very traditional way. However, there are so many uses for balms that go beyond using it on your lips and body. Most of us use a body balm as a lotion substitute, because body balms are often made without synthetics and parabens.  And lots of use lip balms to keep our lips looking and feeling great! Before we get into this conversation though, what is a Balm? A Balm is a concentrate of ingredients. Most skin products are made with water, because of this, you often have to use a lot to feel hydrating affects. On the other hand, a balm does not contain any water, but instead more raw ingredients.  Because of this, when you use the substance, a little bit will go a long way. When you buy a body or lip balm, you want to make sure it is synthetic-free, paraben-free, nonGMO, and made with pure ingredients derived from the Earth. You want to avoid any balms that list “fragrance” as an ingredient. Often times body care companies that list this as an ingredient are using it as a way to hide synthetically produced fragrances and scents. Now that you know what to look for when purchasing a balm, check out some awesome unique uses for balms.


Hair Care

To use as an anti-frizz cream you can use a well-crafted body or lip balm treatment for your hair. Simply take a small amount and rub your fingertips together. Run your hands through your hair paying attention to the ends. Our favorite is the Lavender Body Balm and Passion Fruit Lip Balm. You can also use it to style your hair.  If you are looking to slick back your hair, or curl your ends, try using a balm! Balms can also act as a detangle cream.  


Massage Oil

Conventional massage oil is often filled with toxins and synthetic fragrance. A good body balm will be crafted with essential oils that give you an amazing scent just like other massage oils, it may also have aromatherapy benefits! Finding a balm that is made with essential oils that help relieve tension in the muscle is a must. Three essential oils that are great for massages are lavender, peppermint, and tea tree. That makes our Miracle and Deep Tissue Balms excellent choices.


Makeshift Band-Aid

Because most balms have a coconut oil and shea butter base, it makes them great tools to clog up a cut and keep dirt out. This can come in handy when you are hiking, camping, or out on the playground with the kids. Because balms are normally small and portable, they are perfect to throw in your purse in case you need it on the go. If you use a balm that has lavender essential oil, it can add additional aid to cuts and scrapes because lavender essential oil is known to help heal wounds.  


Makeup Remover

Balms that don’t contain peppermint essential oil are great to use as a natural makeup remover. Using balms that are plain, such as our unscented body or lip balm, are great to remove eye and face makeup. All you have to do it slightly wet your face, apply the balm with your fingers or cotton ball, and rub in a circular motion. Then, wipe with a washcloth or cotton pad. And yay! Clean face! 


Anti-fungal cream

For balms that are made with coconut oil, they can be used to treat fungal skin infections. Coconut oil has antibiotic qualities which makes it great to help out with fungal issues. We like to use a balm with lavender essential oil for athlete’s foot, it really helps out!


Nail Cuticle Oil

If you push back your cuticle as part of your nail care, using a balm can act as a natural aid to this routine. Balms with coconut oil as base are especially helpful to help keep bacteria out.



These are some of our favorite uses for body and lip balms. Something you'll notice when you start purchasing high quality balms is that lip and body balms are made out of very similar ingredients, but are just packaged differently. That's really th only thing that sets body and lip balms apart! So if you're ever in a pinch, and you have a Makes 3 Organics Lip Balm in your pocket, you can most likely use it as you would a body balm! We love it when you share how you use your body balms! Use #organicforeveryone and tag @makes3organics on social media to connect with us!

Enjoy living an organic lifestyle!

With love,

Nikki Anne Spahn 

Wellness Advocate & Creative Director - Makes 3 Organics 

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