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What's The Big Deal About Soap

What's The Big Deal About Soap

What's the first thing that you do for yourself each day?  You shower or bathe.  Your morning routine sets the tone for your day and can reflect how your operate your life.  Do you rush through your morning and hurry out the door without a thought or plan for how you want your day to be?  Or, do you take a few moments to pause and breathe and set your intentions for a productive and fulfilling day?

So many of us rush blindly through life and are tugged along by all of the obligations we create.  As a society, perhaps we need a snooze button that allows us to reset and connect with ourselves so that we are more grounded and in tune with our family, friends and the world at-large.

I suppose it's funny to think that a soap can help you do all of that.  But at Makes 3 Organics®, we believe it is all of the little positive choices we make during the day that create a good life.  Let's face it, it can be overwhelming for everyone.  So when your day feels busy and you are rushing through life and missing out on all of the little moments around you, what is the thing that can bring you back to reality?  Soap.

Yup, we said it.  Soap.  But think about it....  What's the first thing you interact with when you wake up?  You slog into the shower, soap up your skin, wake yourself up and get started with your day.  You start your day with soap!  So, we suggest being intentional with that.  Choose a soap to wash your skin with that gives something positive to you.  Be conscientious about your soap and morning routine products and then use that time to organize your mind, take some deep breaths, appreciate the life you have and get ready to interact with your family and the rest of the world.

Our NEW Creamy Castile Organic Liquid Soaps not only clean your skin but provide your body with nutrients and other benefits that natural plant oils provide.  These soaps are something completely Unique in the market, unlike any bath and body soap available:

  • 100% USDA Certified Organic our Creamy Castile Organic Liquid soaps carry the USDA Organic Seal
  • Luxuriously Creamy Texture infused with Organic Shea Butter to deeply cleanse and moisturize skin
  • Innovative technology makes our bath and body Creamy Castile Organic Liquid Soaps shelf-stable and long-lasting
  • Totally plant-based with only 10 ingredients our Creamy Castile Organic Liquid Soaps are exactly what consumers are demanding
  • Different from both conventional liquid soaps and natural liquid "soaps" alike, our Creamy Castile Organic Liquid Soaps live up to the name ~ there are no hidden petroleum ingredients or harmful preservatives

Start your day the organic way, and notice the difference.  We really believe in this product.  Not only because it is an amazingly effective soap for your body.  But also because it does no harm.  Not to you and not to the environment.  It's time for us to all take a step back and look at our lives and find those special little moments that bring us peace.  Build on those and we build a better world.

~Kristine Sperling, co-founder

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