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Who, What, Why and How of Makes 3 Organics Wellness

Who, What, Why and How of Makes 3 Organics Wellness

Who, What, Why and How of Makes 3 Organics Wellness

Maybe you have taken a few moments to click around our website to learn more about us, or perhaps you haven't had the time. With all of our new website members, I thought it would be a good time to reintroduce Our Story and share our Mission, Vision and Values. I hope you will see that it's all about you and your good health!

Who We Are

When we started Makes 3 Organics®, we found ourselves expending a considerable amount of time and expense looking for the very safest and most effective products for our daughter, Alice. At a young age, she developed asthma, eczema as well as food and environmental allergies. We wanted to reduce the number of synthetic and potentially harmful chemicals Alice was exposed to in her food and environment.  In our search for the perfect products for her, we decided we wanted to apply the same considerations into choosing products for ourselves.


Our inspiration for it all - Alice and her rosy cheeks​

This is why we continue to create a skin care product line that can be used by every member of the family and is why we are now expanding our digital offerings on our Makes 3 Organics Wellness site to include clean products from reputable brands that we personally curate. Makes 3 Organics Wellness product offerings are always made with ingredients we all know and trust and that are easy on the environment. Knowing and using the purest ingredients and processes has led our company to create what we believe to be the best products for our customer healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Creating a mission, vision and values isn't just an academic exercise for MBA nerds. It's an important part of establishing who you are so that your decisions are always true to yourself and your goals. It's not easy to stay focused and disciplined in this way, but we find that coming back to these statements helps us stay on track.


Our mission is to create and curate the healthiest, highest quality and most accessible clean products for YOU.  By insisting on pure and simple ingredients with time-tested manufacturing processes, we meet the needs of the future for people and the planet, today. 


Our vision is to have a significant, positive impact on the growth of the health and household care marketplace where safe and environmentally conscious products prevail.

Our Culture, Values and Principles

Honesty and integritywarmth and generosityfearlessness and persistence are at the core of our  values and we always hold fast to these values as a company.

Building on these Core Values, we abide by the following principles: 

  • Create and curate only the healthiesthighest quality and most accessible products for human use and consumption using alternative and innovative organic ingredients and processes
  • Manufacture products using Good Manufacturing Standards or better
  • Package products using only recycled and recyclable materials, non-toxic inks and adhesives and push the boundaries for innovation in sustainable packaging
  • Reduce waste by reusing packaging we receive from suppliers
  • Distribute products in local markets and online so that everyone has the opportunity to use them
  • Deliver consistent, prompt, respectful and friendly service to everyone we interact with
  • Cultivate a workplace that is inclusive and where employees are valued, heard and invested in
  • Give back to the world by participating in philanthropic giving of time, talent and treasure
  • Contribute to a secure and sustainable world by abiding by our principles

Standards and Ingredients

We started our business in our own kitchen making soaps and balms for family and friends. So for us our products are very personal. We aren't remote executives in a huge multi-national corporation. We make these products for people that we love and therefore we have a very high threshold for what ingredient safety means.

Makes 3 Organics Skincare and Personal Care Products leave your skin naturally clean and fresh with no synthetic residues or harsh chemical dryness. Derived from plant oils, rather than petroleum, our truly natural products moisturize your skin and leave you feeling soft and new. Our use of natural and organic essential oils for aroma, rather than synthetic fragrance, gives you topical and aromatherapy benefits. Intentionally inhaling the aroma of our soaps, activates certain areas of the brain to provide therapeutic relief. 

This is true too of the products we curate. To win your trust, we provide full ingredient transparency. Here's what you need to know:

The Basics
  • Our products are conscientiously crafted With Love
  • Most of our ingredients and all of our products are USDA Certified 100% Organic for peace of mind and EWG VERIFIED™
  • Each product is filled with anti-oxidants to nourish and protect your skin
  • You Share the Suds™ with every purchase

Ingredient Integrity and Transparency

In addition to ingredient integrity, we are committed to ingredient transparency.  Because of our personal health challenges, we became aware that reducing our exposure to synthetic chemicals was essential to our well-being - and to yours.  So we believe you deserve to know and understand every ingredient you are putting on your skin when you use our products.

Reducing Our Chemical Body Burden

It's all about the Chemical Body Burden.  The average person now has over 250 synthetic chemicals in their body that were not present just 40-50 years ago.  Some of these chemicals are indeed benign.  But some are neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, allergens and irritants.  

Natural Does Not Mean Perfect

Our Organic Products are made with truly natural and organic ingredients and are handcrafted.  You may see slight variations from batch to batch. Made without synthetic or chemical emulsifiers, binders, or preservatives, your product may experience a smidge of separation or "graininess" in the oils due to fluctuations in storage temperature. This "graininess" is actually the awesome moisturizing fats within the Organic Coconut Oil that have melting points above 80 degrees. These fats contribute to the anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties of Organic Coconut Oil and will melt in your hand when applied. Don’t worry, this is normal. 

Advocating for Legislative Change

What's more, these chemicals are overwhelmingly unregulated and untested in connection with the interaction with the human body and human health.  Of the more than 11,000 synthetic chemicals that are present in United States industry, we have only banned or partially banned 30 for use in personal care, cosmetics and cleaning products.

That's why we are involved in legislative initiatives to regulate chemical use in our industry.  We helped pass the California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act and are contributors to the effort currently under way to pass the federal Personal Care Products Safety Act.

Familiarity is the Key

It would be meaningless for us to put a number on the chemicals that we ban from our products, because the total number of ingredients across all of our product categories and in all of our products combined, numbers under 100.  All but a handful are 100% certified organic and plant-based ingredients. You can recognize and pronounce the names of all of our ingredients and rely on Our Promises about them.  They are familiar to you and most of them you could grow in your own garden.

We aim to live in harmony with the Earth and her bounty and to benefit from the wisdom that the environment provides to us for our health and well-being.

Ingredients You Know and Trust

So, to provide you with total transparency and understanding of each and every ingredient we use in our products, we have undertaken the task of providing you with this library.  Not only do we list each of our ingredients, but we also provide you with the best knowledge we have with respect to its natural applications, uses and benefits.

Always Non-Toxic

We know how important it is to you that the products you put on your skin are safe and free from harmful chemicals.  For this reason we promise we are Always Non-Toxic.

We ban all synthetic chemicals from our formulas and we promise you will never find the following Big Bad Chemicals in our Organic Products:

  • Petroleum Byproducts (aka petroleum waste)
  • Parabens
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfates and Sodium Lauryl Sulfates
  • Cocamide DEA
  • Benzene and its derivatives
  • Dimethicone
  • 1,2 Dioxane
  • Formaldehyde Releasing Preservatives
  • Methylisothiazolinone
  • Triclosan and Triclocarban
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  • ​Gluten, Wheat and Whey
  • And all the other baddies!

Our ingredients are all carefully curated and of the highest quality available. Our products are made simply and always with Organic Plant Oils, never ever synthetic ingredients. But don't just take our word for it, we are totally transparent and disclose every ingredient in our formulas. Take a look in our Ingredients and Directions in our product listings and compare.

Worry & Cruelty Free

Where it all starts

We believe products that are free from agricultural pesticides and industrial chemicals are better for our planet and its people. Our products are made with ingredients you recognize and with simple processes, so you can trust they will be good for you and good for the environment.

We promise to always provide you with products that are

  • Tested on humans (ourselves!), not on animals 
  • Use pure and natural essential oils, never artificial and synthetic fragrances, to create the aromas you love
  • Use packaging made with post-consumer recycled and recyclable materials, free of harmful plastics containing phthalates, printed with non-toxic inks and sealed with non-toxic adhesives

Are We Vegan?

We use organic beeswax in our lip balms and some of our lip balms. Other than this ingredient, we do not use any that are animal derived and we certainly never use tallow or any derivative thereof.

Our family, still working for you.

How Makes 3 Organics® Meets the Needs of the Future, Today

It’s no secret that our planet is facing unprecedented challenges due to climate disruption, pollution from single-use plastics and deforestation.  The future requires dramatic reductions in green-house gases, use of plastics and agricultural and urban land development.  We solve these problems today by producing products that are free from petroleum-derived ingredients, using recycled and recyclable packaging materials and developing new packaging alternatives.  We insist that all of our ingredients are produced with sustainability standards that ensure the health of the land and the local communities they come from.

If you made it this far, thank you! We hope you connect with what we are doing and that you are finding products you love for you and your family.

Many happy returns,

Kristine Sperling

Kristine Sperling is a wellness enthusiast and co-founder of Makes 3 Organics, an organic brand dedicated to providing consumers organic alternatives to conventional personal care products. She lives in Santa Barbara, California, with her co-founder husband, Dan, their teenager, Alice, and their blue Shih Tzu, King.


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