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Clevr Blends is a mission-driven, women-led wellness brand based in coastal California. They had humble beginnings—starting a pop-up adaptogenic coffee bar in 2016. They traveled around the US, waxing lyrical about the magic of plants. People listened, they felt better in their bodies and minds, and they created Clevr to make those feelings easier to reach.

Their approach to wellness goes beyond the mug—its roots are in  sourcing, where ethical, transparent supply chains are our foundation. Its branches are in food justice, ensuring part of our revenue goes to supporting more equitable food systems.

Their hope is that they've created something that will be the first and easiest good decision you make each day. That by feeling nourished, and by energizing in a way that’s restorative, not extractive, you’ll be able to show up more fully for yourself and your community. The path to healing and wholeness is messy, non-linear, and downright hard, but they're here on the sidelines, cheering you on, making you a cup of tea when you feel weary.