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Shea-Cred Organic Shea Butter


Product Description

Unadulterated and pure Organic Shea Butter is best for your skin because over-refinement of this ingredient and the combination with too many other ingredients or aromas reduces the nutrient value of this natural wonder. Using this Butter is almost as if you picked the nut directly from the tree; in its raw form it is the best for your skin. Ours gives you a pure, natural and earthy aroma rather than the over-treated and washed-down synthetic aroma of the majority of shea butters on the market. This will feel new to you as your inhale the nuttiness, soften it in your hands and then apply over face and body. Smooths skin, fortifies with natural vitamins, supports youthfulness, and reduces "crepey" appearance with regular use

Size: 8 oz.

    Ingredients and Directions

    Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter*, Organic Shea Nut Oil*, Organic Jojoba Oil*, Organic Cocoa Butter*, Organic Aloe Vera*, Organic Rosemary Essential Oil*. *Certified Organic by the USDA

    Directions: Scoop out a small dollop into your palm, warm to a smooth oil and rub on desired areas of your skin. Allow to soak in before dressing. Use to remove beach tar too.


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