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Makes 3 Organics Wellness┃Organic for Everyone Shopping List

Organic for Everyone Shopping List

Have you always wanted a few helpful tips when it comes to navigating the grocery store and spending your shopping dollars wisely?

Especially in times of high inflation, we all want to make sure we can be penny savvy in the checkout aisle. 

The reality is that we don't have to buy everything organic in order to greatly reduce the amount of industrial, agricultural and cosmetic chemicals we are exposing ourselves to. Great news!

That's why we are excited to share our Organic for Everyone Shopping List. In it you'll see the items that are essential to buy organic and those other items that you can skip the organic price tag. Nowadays, luckily, the cost of organics has really come down. But if you are still price sensitive, this will really help you when you hit the grocery store or big box department store. 

Simply click on the image below and a printable pdf will pop up for you. Have fun!