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"Great company...great products...highly recommend. My favorite is the Lavender Cheek to Cheek Balm. If you love natural...try Make 3."

Gwen T., Scotland, AR


"Take a look at this site, Its a good one, all organic materials, and they stand by there words, If something is wrong with your order, no problem, they will take care of it with a chearful smile and a thank you. My orders have been super. This is a good site to do business with, you will not be sorry ordering from Makes 3."

Nancy G., Inverness, FL


"As a skin cancer survivor, I go to the dermatologist every 6 months. She burns off at least 15 new scaly areas off my midsection every visit. Since using this, the scaly areas are almost all gone!!! AMAZING! Thank you, Kristine and Dan!!!"

Beth C., Westerville, OH


"I LOVE your products! Everything I've purchased has a clean fresh smell - the balms are great on the skin - the liquid soap does a great job! You get your products into the mail quickly - things are well wrapped! I LOVE Makes 3! I also wanted to comment on your image/package it is a throw back to that old trusted stuff from pharmacists we knew and loved don't know if that was your intent but I like it a lot! Thanks!"

 Esther W., Monona, WI


"I am extremely pleased with the Lavender vanilla soap after just one use. I was worried that the scent would be overwhelming but it is not at all. It is just right. I am also amazed at how soft my skin feels. Can't wait to try other scents."

Stacey T., Savannah, GA


"I am a huge fan of shea butter and coconut oil and make some of my own body butters and lotions using these ingredients. I was so excited to try this soap when I learned about it. It has exceeded my expectations! This soap is so gentle it can be used on the driest and most sensitive skin. I use it to shave my legs and never have to use lotion after. I love it so much I stopped buying expensive facial cleansers and moisturizers and use only Super Shea on my face. My whole family loves it as well. My kids are swimmers and always battle the dry skin from chlorine…not any more!"

Jessica H., Middleton, WI


“I love your soap and can’t wait to shower every day!” 

“I chose the Coriander Ginger Oatmeal Soap Bar for my first Makes 3 shower and it was the sudsiest natural soap I ever used!  I love it and the smell was amazing!  My bathroom smelled like a spa.”

Michelle G., Marathon, WI


“The Sandalwood Black Pepper lathers really well from medium warm to boiling hot water. It is very nice on the rinse off. Leaves skin feeling smooth, velvety, and has the perfect amount of essential oil for a light smell, not over bearing.  I really like it. I put it to a real test after a 5 am 8 mile run. It stood up to the harsh need but still gentle enough to prep my body for a suit.”

Tony D., Madison, WI


“I love the texture and scents, especially the Coriander Ginger Oatmeal. The exfoliation factor has been a real winner this summer after digging in the yard; it gets me clean without adding the anything harsh to my already overworked hands. And honestly, I even started using it as face cleanser because I know I don't have to worry about any chemicals! I just tried the Orange Blossom..oh my gosh it is luxurious!”

Wendy G., Blacksburg, VA


 “Love love loved the soap! I have very sensitive skin, so I generally don't use bar soaps, but (at least this sweaty and humid time of year) I didn't find it at all drying on my skin! Even my face, which was a nice surprise! The lather was thick and smooth and I especially loved how cleanly it rinsed--no scummy residue which I hate most about bar soap. The fragrances were lovely and the colors were really beautiful.”

JR., Evansville, WI