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Makes 3 Organics Wellness┃Who We Are

When we started Makes 3 Organics®, we found ourselves expending a considerable amount of time and expense looking for the very safest and most effective products for our daughter, Alice. At a young age, she developed asthma, eczema as well as food and environmental allergies. We wanted to reduce the number of synthetic and potentially harmful chemicals Alice was exposed to in her food and environment.  In our search for the perfect products for her, we decided we wanted to apply the same considerations into choosing products for ourselves.

This is why we continue to create a skin care product line and curate the most trusted brands for products that can be used by every member of the family and is why we are now expanding our digital offerings to include clean products from reputable brands that we personally curate. Makes 3 Organics® product offerings are always made with ingredients we all know and trust and that are easy on the environment. Knowing and using the purest ingredients and processes has led our company to create what we believe to be the best products for our customer healthy lifestyle.​