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Petsmont┃Organic Coconut Oil for Dogs and Cats

Organic Coconut Oil for Dogs and Cats

  • Allergies can often inflame and irritate the pets' skin, leading to many discomforts.
  • Natural coconut dietary supplement can help with hot spots, stings, itchy skin, excessive shedding, and dull & dry coats. 
  • Works like a charm on dry and brittle coats because it contains lauric acid that penetrates hair shafts & increases the skin surface lipid levels, making your dog's fur healthy, glossy, and silkier!
  • A coconut oil for cats that is gentle in the stomach, effective for bald patches, dandruff, & cracked paws while makes your cat smells good all day long!
  • Support digestive system and keep things running smoothly.
  • With its healing properties, our coconut treats for dogs can be a dog dry nose treatment that helps with hairball indigestion, tract injuries, chronic disease, & other problems. It contains medium-chain fatty acids, allowing your pet to absorb essential nutrients from their foods, improving brain energy & mental function.
  • Can be used as an oil dog coat, a coconut paw balm, and as an ingredient in homemade pet foods, or as a coconut oil treats for dogs.
  • A USDA dog oil supplement organic, with zero chemicals, made to keep your pet's body healthier & stronger. Petsmont brings nature to your pet's bowl.
  • Petsmont understands that your canine companion is important & deserves to live a long, happy, & healthy life. With organic ingredients, sweet scent, & tasty flavor, our multipurpose coconut oil for dogs paws comes with a money-back guarantee if it doesn't fit to be your pet's favorite dish with slobby kisses in retribution.
Size: 16 oz


    100% organic virgin coconut oil.


    By mixing a spoonful into your pet's food and using it as a deep conditioning treatment on paws and nose, it can solve skin problems, avoiding pets from self-harm by scratching and biting. A tasty supplement that will get your pets staring for more.

    Awards + Seals

      The Organic Seal | Agricultural Marketing Service