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Petsmont┃Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs

  • Wild Alaskan salmon oil for dogs is the most effective way to give body nourishing benefits to your furry friend.
  • Rich in Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids from EPA and DHA, our dog fish oil is pure, legit, no strong odor when dispensed, the natural properties of this omega oil for dogs, will support the overall health of your best friend, acting like a dog skin and coat supplement, resulting in less shedding and more cuddle time.
  • The skin and coat supplement for dogs from Petsmont is the omega 3 fish oil for dogs that won't leave your dog's mouth smelling fishy; one pump of omega 3 for dogs will add an irresistible taste to any dog food or treat. These fish oil supplements for dogs, when added to your dog's diet, may help support a healthier immune system, soothe itchy and irritated skin, transform dull coat into a shine fur, making lack of appetite, hips & joint pain, things of the past.
  • Forget the capsules, soft chews, messy creams, and the endless hit and miss of omega 3 pet oil; with a leak-proof pump bottle that makes it easy to dispense, our liquid fish oil for dogs is natural, has no additives and is suitable for all dog races and sizes.
  • Mix a pump into your furry buddy's food and see dandruff gone, virtually non-existent chewing wad, and hot spots disappear with zero digestive issues. A wild salmon oil dogs, to improve your best friend's life.
  • Each salmon used in our omega 3 oil is wild-caught in the cleanest waters of the world, carefully inspected for quality and purity while keeping sustainable habitats. A genuine oil to help your pet's excessive shedding, seasonal allergies, and brain development.
  • Wondering if Pollock or not to Pollock? You can have both; our dog oil supplements for skin and coat has wild salmon oil as main ingredient but also contain wild Pollock oil in the formula as well.
Size: 32 oz


    Salmon Oil, Fish Oil (from Pollock), Mixed Tocopherols.


    See packaging for directions.